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Thanks to our continual market orientation and innovativeness, ARIS today offers a large variety of electric and pneumatic actuators, electronic control components, motor-controlled valves and a very extensive range of accessories and options. Whether a standard component or custom solution for individual products or complete unit - ARIS is your competent partner for projects of all types and sizes in industrial plant and machinery.

Electric Actuators

Actuator NanoThe safe control of gases, liquids and solids is extremely important in industrial plants. Nothing can be left to chance. A reliable control is essential. ARIS actuators are perfectly suited for moving, regulating and control valves in all industrial sectors.

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Pneumatic part-turn Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators PD PEThe pneumatic part-turn actuators by ARIS provide a uniform torque in a sleek case that is used both for the double- and single acting. The pneumatic actuators are available with a variety of accessories and various options. We supply the drives individually or directly on a fully assembled fitting.

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Industrial Valves

Flange-type valve L6-FDWe provide a variety of valves for control or shut-off for industrial use. The fittings are available in numerous sizes and materials, partly from stock. We also supply special designs and complete units. Our valves are suitable for liquids, gases and solids.

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Complete Units

RDK with NanoValves, ball valves and gate valves are manually adjustable in the rule. But all equipment can be obtained from ARIS also completely assembled with a electric or pneumatic actuator. A variety of options and accessories are available so that you can get delivered a pre-assembled and ready unit on request.

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Customized Solutions

ATEX actuatorOur drives and fittings are available in many standard versions. But ARIS is also a specialist and competent partner when it comes to customer or project-specific solutions. We produce your drive with the required specifications and deliver it as a production-ready OEM drive. We also manufacture industrial valves specially requested on your requirements and of course deliver this also with preassembled drives.

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