ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH is your reli­able part­ner for spe­cial and pro­ject solu­ti­ons. Let us advi­se you which dri­ves or fit­tings are basi­cal­ly sui­ta­ble for your needs and how the­se can be cus­to­mi­zed for your pro­ject.

In addi­ti­on to the stan­dard out­put shafts for elec­tric dri­ves (cross bore, fea­ther key and inner four-squa­re) we will manu­fac­tu­re shaft forms in any type and size upon request. We can accom­mo­da­te your needs accord­in­gly to the choice of mate­ri­al. If you order a com­ple­te unit (motor + fit­ting), the adjust­ment of the out­put shaft to the actua­tor is per­for­med direc­t­ly in our assem­bly depart­ment.

By the elec­tro­nic dri­ve con­trol in our Intel­li­gent Line, tra­vel times, tor­que and con­trol cur­ves can be pro­gram­med indi­dual­ly. This is made during the pro­duc­tion of the dri­ve, but can be chan­ged later. This makes it pos­si­ble to rea­li­ze easy and fast various regu­la­ting sce­n­a­ri­os with only one dri­ve type.

For our pro­duc­ts, we con­sistent­ly use high qua­li­ty mate­ri­als. If you requi­re spe­cial mate­ri­als for the mecha­ni­cal parts for your pro­ject, plea­se con­tact our design team which is here to cla­ri­fy the requi­re­ments and details with you.

Our dri­ves come as stan­dard with three cable ent­ries for the sup­ply-vol­ta­ge or con­trol. If you requi­re spe­cial plugs for con­nec­tions, we can pro­vi­de plugs and adap­ter in any kind and form. The­se are instal­led direc­t­ly during pro­duc­tion of the dri­ve or you can get the spe­cial con­nec­tors deli­ve­r­ed sepa­r­ate­ly for self-assem­bly.

The dri­ve housing and cover are tun­ed to the tech­no­lo­gy built insi­de the dri­ve. As part of an OEM solu­ti­on or for spe­cial housing adap­tati­ons, we offer spe­cial solu­ti­ons too. Color, mate­ri­al and shape can be cus­to­mi­zed to your pro­ject.

The dri­ve type LINEA­RIS is avail­ab­le as stan­dard with the stro­ke length of 150 mm and 300 mm. Through a fle­xi­ble com­po­nent pro­duc­tion and assem­bly in our fac­to­ry, we can imple­ment any other stro­ke mil­li­me­ter exac­t­ly. For the moto­ri­za­ti­on and con­trol of cus­to­mi­zed LINEA­RIS dri­ves, plea­se con­tact us also for advice.

You will find our indus­tri­al val­ves in our cata­lo­gue in many dif­fe­rent shapes, sizes and mate­ri­als. The val­ves RD‑K, L5-RD, L6-FD, HT‑L, HT2‑B and BARI we can adapt from the ground up to suit your requi­re­ments — here any designs, sizes and various mate­ri­als are pos­si­ble. Whe­ther round or rec­t­an­gu­lar, swing-through or with stop, with and wit­hout gas­ket, as blind ver­si­on or with con­nec­ting rods … anything is pos­si­ble.

All spe­cial solu­ti­ons are of cour­se tested for pro­per func­tio­n­a­li­ty and packed safe­ly for ship­ping.

Many spe­cial solu­ti­ons are pos­si­ble for ARIS pro­duc­ts — con­tact us!

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