ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH produces robust actuators for industrial applications at their headquarters in Troisdorf/Germany. Based on more than 40 years of experience, the Nano, Nano + and Tensor series were developed from scratch in 2014 and thus ensure a modern technology for use in your plants. ARIS actuators are generally used in demanding and safety-relevant systems in which the reliability of the individual installed components is compulsory. This requirement was consistently implemented in the constructions in addition to a high degree of safety. Divided into four series, ARIS customers always find the right drive for theit application. The portfolio ranges from the fully electronically controlled precision actuator “Tensor” to the classic actuator in a contemporary design. If you are unsure about the type of drive that suits your application, please contact our sales team at +49 2241 25186-16. We will be pleased to advise you.

Electrical rotary and part-turn actuators

  • The compact small actuator, classic technology, robust and reliable for price sensitive applications up to 60 Nm.

  • The flexible allrounder, completely metal-encapsuled with numerous accessories. Classic technology up to 180 Nm.

  • The fully-electronical precision actuator with wide range power supply, wear-free position indication and high control accuracy.

  • Classic actuator technology in a robust housing up to 300 Nm.

  • The Bridge between Industrial and Building Services Engineering

Overview of
rotary and part-turn actuators

Electrical linear motion drives as damper actuator

  • Classic actuator technology with extended features in a compact housing.

  • Fully electronic rotary drive with modern technology and extended features.

  • Classic actuator technology in a compact housing.

Overview of
electrical damper actuator

Electrical linear motion drives as linear cylinder

  • Classic actuator technology in a compact housing.

Overview of
electrical linear cylinder

VENTARIS – The precision lift unit for valve adjustment

Ventaris overview