Precision stroke unit
for valve adjustment


Modular design – you have the choice

The Ventaris offers a variable concept
Due to the diverse requirements in the automation of valves, the Ventaris features a design in which the valve unit is connected to the actuator head by means of a standard interface. This allows you to choose an actuator head that is adapted to your requirements. You can decide either for the electronically controlled precision actuator Tensor (Ventaris TE) with freely programmable position- or force-dependent switch-off and convenient programming via buttons, or for the classic Nano+ (Ventaris N+) with position dependent switch-off, synchronous motor and micro switches with adjustable cams.

All available options for the Tensor and Nano+ series can, of course, also be used in the Ventaris. The separation of the actuator and the valve unit allows you to retrofit a conventional solution with path shut-off to a fully electronic version with micro switches with adjustable cams. This means you will be equipped for the future, without having to replace the valve unit.

Bi-directional driving forces up to 6000 N

Stroke length up to 50 mm

Robust, corrosion-protected industrial design

Exchangeable actuator heads – optionally with position- or force-dependent switch-off

Precision axial needle bearing

Self-locking stainless steel acme thread spindle

Anti-rotation element with maintenancefree Iglidur®-special bearings

Spindle nut of high-performance polymer; lube-free due to Igus-Drylin®-technology

Adapter for connection to all standard valve types


The combination of Tensor and Ventaris

Tensor actuator head

  • Fully electronically controlled precision actuator
  • BLDC brushless DC motor
  • Position- or force-dependent switch-off
  • Wear-free, non-contact position detection via Hall sensors
  • Multiple voltage power supply unit 85 … 265 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Electronic end position setting
  • Programmable additional auxiliary switches (bi-stable relay)

N Actuating force


mm/s Actuating time


The combination of Nano+ and Ventaris

Nano+ actuator head

  • Synchronous motor (24 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC), alternatively 24 VDC motor
  • Metal body / cover
  • Robust industrial design
  • Expandable functions through numerous options
  • Failsafe option – moves to a safe position in case of a power outage
  • Adjustment via fixable aluminium control cams

N Actuating force


mm/s Actuating time

Ventaris — Options

Adapter flange for valve connection

  • Ø 44 mm – other versions on request
  • High-strength aluminium design
  • Anodised

Thread adapter

  • M12 – other versions on request
  • With key compartments
  • For connection to valve flange

Spindle adaptation

  • For all standard valve spindles


Bearing blockHigh-strength anodised aluminium
Axial bearing mountHigh-strength anodised aluminium
BearingAxial needle bearing, steel
SpindleStainless steel, 1.4301
Spindle nutHigh-performance polymer, Iglidur® J
Anti-rotation elementStainless steel
Stud boltStainless steel
Spindle nut supportStainless steel
Union nutStainless steel
Sliding bearingHigh-performance polymer, Iglidur® J
Adapter flangeHigh-strength anodised aluminium