Pre­cisi­on stro­ke unit
for val­ve adjust­ment


Modu­lar design — you have the choice

The Ven­ta­ris offers a varia­ble con­cept
Due to the diver­se requi­re­ments in the auto­ma­ti­on of val­ves, the Ven­ta­ris fea­tures a design in which the val­ve unit is con­nec­ted to the actua­tor head by means of a stan­dard inter­face. This allows you to choo­se an actua­tor head that is adap­ted to your requi­re­ments. You can deci­de eit­her for the elec­tro­ni­cal­ly con­trol­led pre­cisi­on actua­tor Ten­sor (Ven­ta­ris TE) with free­ly pro­gramm­a­ble posi­ti­on- or force-depen­dent switch-off and con­ve­ni­ent pro­gramming via but­tons, or for the clas­sic Nano+ (Ven­ta­ris N+) with posi­ti­on depen­dent switch-off, syn­chro­nous motor and micro swit­ches with adjus­ta­ble cams.

All avail­ab­le opti­ons for the Ten­sor and Nano+ series can, of cour­se, also be used in the Ven­ta­ris. The sepa­ra­ti­on of the actua­tor and the val­ve unit allows you to retro­fit a con­ven­tio­nal solu­ti­on with path shut-off to a ful­ly elec­tro­nic ver­si­on with micro swit­ches with adjus­ta­ble cams. This means you will be equip­ped for the future, wit­hout having to replace the val­ve unit.

Bi-direc­tio­n­al dri­ving forces up to 6000 N

Stro­ke length up to 50 mm

Robust, cor­ro­si­on-pro­tec­ted indus­tri­al design

Exch­an­ge­ab­le actua­tor heads – optio­nal­ly with posi­ti­on- or force-depen­dent switch-off

Pre­cisi­on axi­al need­le bea­ring

Self-locking stain­less steel acme thread spind­le

Anti-rota­ti­on ele­ment with main­ten­ance­free Igli­dur®-spe­cial bea­rings

Spind­le nut of high-per­for­mance poly­mer; lube-free due to Igus-Dry­lin®-tech­no­lo­gy

Adap­ter for con­nec­tion to all stan­dard val­ve types



The com­bi­na­ti­on of Ten­sor and Ven­ta­ris

Ten­sor actua­tor head

  • Ful­ly elec­tro­ni­cal­ly con­trol­led pre­cisi­on actua­tor
  • BLDC brush­less DC motor
  • Posi­ti­on- or force-depen­dent switch-off
  • Wear-free, non-con­tact posi­ti­on detec­tion via Hall sen­sors
  • Mul­ti­ple vol­ta­ge power sup­ply unit 85 … 265 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Elec­tro­nic end posi­ti­on set­ting
  • Pro­gramm­a­ble addi­tio­nal auxi­li­a­ry swit­ches (bi-sta­ble relay)

N Actua­ting force


mm/s Actua­ting time


The com­bi­na­ti­on of Nano+ and Ven­ta­ris

Nano+ actua­tor head

  • Syn­chro­nous motor (24 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC), alter­na­tively 24 VDC motor
  • Metal body / cover
  • Robust indus­tri­al design
  • Expan­da­ble func­tions through nume­rous opti­ons
  • Fail­safe opti­on – moves to a safe posi­ti­on in case of a power outa­ge
  • Adjust­ment via fix­able alu­mi­ni­um con­trol cams

N Actua­ting force


mm/s Actua­ting time

Ven­ta­ris — Opti­ons

Adapterflansch für Ventilanbindung

Adap­ter flan­ge for val­ve con­nec­tion

  • Ø 44 mm – other ver­si­ons on request
  • High-strength alu­mi­ni­um design
  • Ano­di­sed

Thread adap­ter

  • M12 – other ver­si­ons on request
  • With key com­part­ments
  • For con­nec­tion to val­ve flan­ge

Spind­le adap­tati­on

  • For all stan­dard val­ve spind­les


Bea­ring blockHigh-strength ano­di­sed alu­mi­ni­um
Axi­al bea­ring mountHigh-strength ano­di­sed alu­mi­ni­um
Bea­ringAxi­al need­le bea­ring, steel
Spind­leStain­less steel, 1.4301
Spind­le nutHigh-per­for­mance poly­mer, Igli­dur® J
Anti-rota­ti­on ele­mentStain­less steel
Stud boltStain­less steel
Spind­le nut sup­portStain­less steel
Uni­on nutStain­less steel
Sli­ding bea­ringHigh-per­for­mance poly­mer, Igli­dur® J
Adap­ter flan­geHigh-strength ano­di­sed alu­mi­ni­um