Linearis NA+ Ex 2/22

Electro-mechanical damper actuator for Ex-Zone 2 and 22

The Nano+ offers classic drive technology in a modern design. The classic drive system, consisting of a motor-gearbox combination and a switch-off system consisting of switching cams and microswitches, is still valid today. For this reason, the Nano+ series was completely redesigned on the basis of the Nano in 2014, since classical drive technology is not necessarily equivalent to “old technology”. All conceivable options have been taken into account in the new design and have been designed in such a way that they are always firmly in place and offer optimum operational safety thanks to an optimal covering of all voltage-carrying parts.

A stainless steel split spindle with a dryspin® spindle nut ensures reliable and maintenance-free operation. Due to the high lead, the required engine speed is significantly reduced in comparison to the classic design, so that the engines run much smoother and quieter. This considerably increases the service life of the motors. Instead of the commercially available castings, Linearis N+ uses anodized aluminum machined parts, which are significantly more robust at low weight. The Linearis has been developed by practitioners. Long holes in the brackets allow easy assembly even by only one mechanic. Dirt deposits are prevented by the spindle in the dry run so that large and expensive bellows designs are no longer required. The synchronous motors used in the drive head operate with a purely frequency-dependent positioning time and thus ensure precise control. The switching cams are supported by special planetary gear units required for the linear movement on the travel distance and allow an exact adjustment of the travel limit switches. A robust powder-coated housing reliably protects drive technology even in harsh industrial environments. Despite the compact dimensions of the drive head, the Linearis N+ allows all standard options, including emergency operation in case of power failure.

The Linearis lift unit is also designed to meet the requirements of the ATEX directives so that the combination of the linear unit and the zone 1 drive is a reliable unit.

The Linearis N+ is available in standard stroke lengths of 150 and 300 mm for actuators up to 5000 N.

Other forces up to 7000 N and other stroke lengths are also available on request.




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Single component or complete unit.

  • Drive

    • Nano+ drive head
      • Robust industrial design
      • Installable in any position
      • Maintenance free
      • Short-circuit proof synchronous motor
      • Precisely adjustable switching cams
      • Numerous options, e.g. additional switches, potentiometer, position indicator, position controller, manual override etc.
      • Controller card PMR-Nano optional
  • Linear unit


    • Stainless steel high-helix lead screw Ø18
    • Lead 40 mm with optimized efficiency
    • Less turns per stroke length
    • Long-life motor
    • Slow and smooth motor movement
    • Low noise and vibration
    • Holding torque by self-hold of the actuator
    • Separately exchangeable actuator
    • High-strength, anodized aluminum milled parts, corrosion resistant and lightweightLong holes for fastening, i.e. easy installation
    • Maintenance-free by dry-run, no lubrication necessary, no dirt deposits on grease (longer life span)
    • Embedded (dry) lubricants inside the lead screw nut
    • High quality „dryspin® technology“. Lead screw and nut made by igus©
  • dryspin® technology

    High-helix: Higher life span and efficiency

    The dryspin® technology is based on wear-resisistant igus® high performance polymers, specially designed for screw drives, dryspin® offers a higher life span and effi ciency to high-helixes by their characteristics and geometries, specially matched to the nut and lead screw. By their freedom from lubrication, dryspin® screw drives are suitable for usage in rough industrial just as in clean and hygienic environments (e.g. laboratory automation).

    Spindle nut

    • Lubricant-free
    • High-tech polymer iglidur® J inside aluminum block
    • Optimal transmission of the torque by form closure
    • Vibration-isolating
    • Smooth and steady run

Nano+ drive head

Atex Zone 2/22


Linearis lift unit

Atex type


DrySpin thread technology


Robust industrial design

Specifications damper actuators Linearis NA+ Ex 2/22
Linearis NA+
Forcemax. 5000 N (higher forces upon request)
Actuating time0.5 mm…13.0 mm/s (load independant at AC)
Travel150/300 mm stroke (more stroke lengths upon request)
Power supply 230VAC, 50/60Hz (Option 115VAC, 24AC, 24VDC)
Ambiemt temperature–15 °C…+60 °C
Protection classIP 65
Duty cycle 100%
LABS free according to Daimler test standard approved by Fraunhofer Institute.