ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH is your reliable partner for special and project solutions. Let us advise you which drives or fittings are basically suitable for your needs and how these can be customized for your project.

In addition to the standard output shafts for electric drives (cross bore, feather key and inner four-square) we will manufacture shaft forms in any type and size upon request. We can accommodate your needs accordingly to the choice of material. If you order a complete unit (motor + fitting), the adjustment of the output shaft to the actuator is performed directly in our assembly department.

By the electronic drive control in our Intelligent Line, travel times, torque and control curves can be programmed indidually. This is made during the production of the drive, but can be changed later. This makes it possible to realize easy and fast various regulating scenarios with only one drive type.

For our products, we consistently use high quality materials. If you require special materials for the mechanical parts for your project, please contact our design team which is here to clarify the requirements and details with you.

Our drives come as standard with three cable entries for the supply-voltage or control. If you require special plugs for connections, we can provide plugs and adapter in any kind and form. These are installed directly during production of the drive or you can get the special connectors delivered separately for self-assembly.

The drive housing and cover are tuned to the technology built inside the drive. As part of an OEM solution or for special housing adaptations, we offer special solutions too. Color, material and shape can be customized to your project.

The drive type LINEARIS is available as standard with the stroke length of 150 mm and 300 mm. Through a flexible component production and assembly in our factory, we can implement any other stroke millimeter exactly. For the motorization and control of customized LINEARIS drives, please contact us also for advice.

You will find our industrial valves in our catalogue in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The valves RD-K, L5-RD, L6-FD, HT-L, HT2-B and BARI we can adapt from the ground up to suit your requirements – here any designs, sizes and various materials are possible. Whether round or rectangular, swing-through or with stop, with and without gasket, as blind version or with connecting rods … anything is possible.

All special solutions are of course tested for proper functionality and packed safely for shipping.

Many special solutions are possible for ARIS products – contact us!