Tensor Ex 2/22

Fully electronic rotary drive for Ex-Zone 2 und 22

Advanced drive technology in a sturdy housing with compact dimensions. ARIS actuators of the series Tensor Ex are designed for industrial use in zones 2 and 22, which are potentially explosive, according to their marking. They are used for the actuation of regulating and shut-off devices, e.g. flaps, valves, ball valves, dosing pumps etc., and offer a high safety level. The robust, powder-coated housing and the metal hood of the drives ensure safe and reliable operation in zones 2 and 22. The wide range of mounting holes according to ISO 5211 and a change-over shaft system ensure simple assembly on all standard fittings without costly brackets. For the zones 2 and 22 no pressure-proof encapsulation is necessary so that the drive has significantly less weight than drives of the zone 1.




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  • Operational safe

    • Permanent monitoring of the drive motion
    • No release or adjustment of switching cams, even with vibrations
    • Permanent plausibility check between motor and sensor movement
    • Electronic position detection via two Hall sensors (directly on the output shaft)
    • Detection of speed and direction of rotation via three Hall sensors (in the motor)
    • Permanent current monitoring
    • Torque cut-off
  • Intelligent and precise

    • Adjustable ramps for engine start and stop
    • Short braking and acceleration times
    • 12 bit without play on the output shaft
    • Position is detected absolutely
    • Low-backlash basic gear
    • No hysteresis
    • Easy readjustment
    • Bus control (optional)
  • Flexibility – very economical

    • Easy adjustment via buttons, i.e. short commissioning times
    • Free choice of the desired travel path by programming
    • Various standard mounting holes, incl. ISO 5211
    • Multi-voltage power supply 85 … 265 V AC (alternatively low-voltage power supply AC / DC)
    • Special characteristics for I-ACT (PMR) controller (optional)
  • Durable technology

    • Absolutely wear-free position detection, i.e. permanently exact switch-off
    • No abrasive contacts
    • Protection class IP 65
    • Brushless current supply (BLDC motor)
    • No start-up capacitors
  • User friendly

    • Electronic adjustment of torque and speed
    • Electronic adjustment of end positions and additional switches
    • Programming board with 3 buttons and LEDs
    • Electronic position indicator (optional)
    • Toolless setting
  • EX specifications

    • Ex II 3G Ex ec IIC T4 Gc X (Zone 2)
      Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80°C Dc X (Zone 22)
      Ambient temperature: –15 °C ≤ Ta ≤ 45 °C
    • Compact design (Dimensions and specifications as standard drive N+)
    • Small surcharge from standard drive, lower price than with pressurized encapsulation
    • Applicable in Zone 2 or 22
    • Dimensions and specifications as standard drive
    • High safety by single check at factory

Impact-proof cover


Die-cast aluminum housing


Multiple bores


Customized shafts

Specifications rotary drive Tensor Ex
Tensor Ex
Protection classIP 65
Ex-Protectin classEx II 3G Ex ec IIC T4 Gc X (Zone 2)

Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80°C Dc X (Zone 22)
Ambient temperature: –15 °C ≤ Ta ≤ 45 °C

Ambient temperature–15 °C…+45 °C
HousingDie-cast aluminum (EN AC-44200), powder-coated
CoverAluminum (painted)
Down shaft1.4021
Power supply85…265 V AC
(optional low voltage power supply AC/DC)
Additional switches2 or 4 pcs bistable relays (optional)
PotentiometerElectronic (optional)
Travel10°…100 turns
Duty cycle 100%
Connection3 cable entries M16x1.5
Travel cutoffElextronic (wear-free)
MaintenanceLifetime lubrication (maintenance-free)
(optional position controller 12 bit, Bus, …)
Flange connectionISO F05 and ARIS 65×50