• The standard drive

    Classic technology…rethought


Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator

The compact actuator, classic technology, robust, reliable for cost-sensitive applications up to 60 Nm

The actuator drive series Nano has been designed for industrial use. A robust aluminum housing combined with the impact resistant plastic cover reliably protects the drive technology even in harsh environments. Weight savings through the use of a plastic hood in combination with the compact design allow you to use them even on small actuators / fittings. The consistently cost-optimized design in combination with a high quality allows the use in cost-sensitive systems without compromising reliability.

Of course, the Nano is available in all standard voltages (230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC, or 12 V DC).




Actuating time



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Single component or complete unit.

  • Drive

    Synchronous motor technology (AC) or direct current motor (DC)

    • The permanent magnets built into the synchronous motor ensure a high holding torque even in a de-energized condition (AC)

    • The motor speed depends solely on the voltage frequency. Therefore a constant and load-free actuating time is ensured.

  • Cutoff

    Classic shut-off system via switching cams and micro switches

    • No voltage supply necessary for position indication and shut-off. Nano actuators are 100% connection compatible to ARIS actuators sold before 2014; perfectly suitable as exchange actuators.

    • Tool-free adjustable aluminum switching cams allow a fast and exact actuator setup.

  • Mechanical data

    Robust aluminum body

    • Robust aluminum body allows usage in rough industrial environment; high operational safety.
    • Reinforced cover protects reliably all functional parts and serves as optimal isolation of the electric components; high operational safety.

    • Captive cover screws allow a safe and easy attachment and screwing of the cover; short initial setup times.

    • Variety of standard retaining bores, incl. ISO 5211, allow an easy adaption of nearly all valves without expensive mounting brackets.

    • The compact design allows usage even in constricted spaces.

    • Short delivery times of special adaptions by a special changeable shaft system.

  • Potentiometer


    • Optional potentiometer allows a permanent feedback of the current actuator position.

    • The potentiometer self-adjusts automatically to the path after setup via an integrated friction clutch.

    • Several types allow an ideal utilization of the full potentiometer range:
      Nano S 90°/180°/320°, Nano M 30…40 Nm 10°…150°, Nano M 50…60 Nm 10°…100°.


Impact-resistant cover


Die-cast alu housing


Multiple fastening bores


Customized shaft

Specifications part-turn actuator Nano
MotorSynchronous motor, short-circuit proof
or DC brush motor
Protecion classIP 65 (optional IP 66)
Ambient temperature–15 °C…+60 °C
optional -40 °C…+80 °C (mit PMR: 0 °C…+60 °C)
HousingDie-cast alu (EN AC-44200) untreated
Gear extension (Nano M) anodized aluminum
Down shaft1.4021
Position indicationoptional
Power supply230 V AC
(optional 115 V AC/24 V AC)
24 V DC ±20%
Additional switches2 pcs (optional)
TravelNano S: 10°…330°
Nano M: Up to 40 Nm: 10°…165°
Nano M: 40…60 Nm: 10°…110°
Duty cycle 100%
Connection3 cable entries M16x1.5
Travel cutoffSwitching cams/Micro switches
MaintenanceLifetime lubrication (maintenance-free)