• ARIS Klappenversteller Ex-Zonen

Linea­ris TE Ex 1

Ful­ly elec­tro­nic dam­per actua­tor for Ex-Zone 1

With the Ten­sor series, ARIS offers an inno­va­ti­ve genera­ti­on of elec­tro­ni­cal­ly con­trol­led actua­tors. The Ten­sor is based on a low-play pre­cisi­on gear­box in com­bi­na­ti­on with a brush­less DC motor. In the Ten­sor, the com­ple­te mecha­ni­cal shut-off sys­tem was repla­ced by a wear-free and non-con­tact posi­ti­on detec­tion based on the Hall effect. This sen­sor tech­no­lo­gy was deve­lo­ped years ago for use in the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try and has pro­ved its­elf through extre­me robust­ness, wide tem­pe­ra­tu­re ran­ge and high relia­bi­li­ty. ARIS actua­tors of the series Ten­sor Ex are desi­gned for indus­tri­al use in zone 1 hazar­dous are­as. They are used for the actua­ti­on of regu­la­ting and shut-off devices, e.g. flaps, val­ves, ball val­ves, dosing pumps etc., and offer a high safe­ty level. The dri­ves of Zone 1 are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a high level of intrin­sic and ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty.

A stain­less steel high-helix spind­le with dry­s­pin® spind­le nut made of high-per­for­mance poly­mer ensu­res reli­able and main­ten­an­ce-free ope­ra­ti­on. Due to the high lead, the requi­red engi­ne speed is noti­ce­ab­ly redu­ced in com­pa­ri­son to the clas­sic design, so that the engi­nes run signi­fi­cant­ly smoot­her and quie­ter, thus signi­fi­cant­ly increa­sing the ser­vice life of the engi­nes. Ins­tead of the com­mer­ci­al­ly avail­ab­le cas­tings, ano­di­zed alu­mi­num machined parts are used with the Linea­ris TE, which are signi­fi­cant­ly more robust with a low weight. The Linea­ris has been deve­lo­ped by prac­ti­tio­ners. Long holes in the bra­ckets allow easy assem­bly. The dry run­ning spind­le nut pre­vents dirt build-up so that lar­ge and expen­si­ve bel­lows designs are no lon­ger requi­red. Like­wi­se, the regu­lar gre­a­sing is avoi­ded by the lub­ri­cant-free con­struc­tion.

The design of the Linea­ris lift unit also fol­lows the Atex gui­de­li­nes, so that the com­bi­na­ti­on of line­ar unit and zone 1 dri­ve form a reli­able unit.




Tra­vel time



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Messingventil RV
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ARIS Regelventil
ARIS Regelventil
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ARIS Kugelhahn
ARIS Kugelhahn
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Sin­gle com­po­nent or com­ple­te unit.

  • Dri­ve

    Ten­sor dri­ve head

    • Robust indus­tri­al design
    • Install­ab­le in any posi­ti­on
    • Main­ten­an­ce-free
    • Per­man­ent­ly moni­to­red BLDC motor
    • Elec­tro­nic set­ting of end and inter­me­dia­te posi­ti­ons
    • Elec­tro­nic wear- and back­lash-free posi­ti­on indi­ca­ti­on via 2 Hall sen­sors
    • Mul­ti vol­ta­ge power sup­ply (85–265 V AC) or low vol­ta­ge power sup­ply (24 V DC)
    • Several add-ons (bus, PID con­trol­ler, elec­tro­nic poti, posi­ti­on indi­ca­tor, spe­cial cha­rac­te­ris­tic cur­ve etc.)
  • Line­ar unit


    • Stain­less steel high-helix lead screw Ø18
    • Lead 40 mm with opti­mi­zed effi­ci­en­cy
    • Less turns per stro­ke length
    • Long-life motor
    • Slow and smooth motor move­ment
    • Low noi­se and vibra­ti­on
    • Hol­ding tor­que by self-hold of the actua­tor
    • Sepa­r­ate­ly exch­an­ge­ab­le actua­tor
    • High-strength, ano­di­zed alu­mi­num mil­led parts, cor­ro­si­on resistant and light­weight
    • Long holes for fas­ten­ing, i.e. easy instal­la­ti­on
    • Main­ten­an­ce-free by dry-run, no lub­ri­ca­ti­on necessa­ry, no dirt depo­sits on grea­se (lon­ger life span)
    • Embed­ded (dry) lub­ri­cants insi­de the lead screw nut
    • High qua­li­ty „dry­s­pin® tech­no­lo­gy“. Lead screw and nut made by igus©
  • dry­s­pin® tech­no­lo­gy

    High-helix: Hig­her life span and effi­ci­en­cy

    The dry­s­pin® tech­no­lo­gy is based on wear-resi­si­stant igus® high per­for­mance poly­mers, spe­ci­al­ly desi­gned for screw dri­ves, dry­s­pin® offers a hig­her life span and effi cien­cy to high-heli­xes by their cha­rac­te­ris­tics and geo­me­tries, spe­ci­al­ly matched to the nut and lead screw. By their free­dom from lub­ri­ca­ti­on, dry­s­pin® screw dri­ves are sui­ta­ble for usa­ge in rough indus­tri­al just as in clean and hygie­nic envi­ron­ments (e.g. labo­ra­to­ry auto­ma­ti­on).

    • dry­s­pin® lead screw
    • Lub­ri­cant-free
    • High-tech poly­mer igli­dur® J insi­de alu­mi­num block
    • Opti­mal trans­mis­si­on of the tor­que by form clo­sure
    • Vibra­ti­on-iso­la­ting
    • Smooth and stea­dy run
Linearis Ex-Zonen Linearantriebe als Klappenversteller für Ex-Zone 1

Ten­sor dri­ve head

Atex Zone 1


Linea­ris lift unit

ATEX type


Dry Spin thread tech­no­lo­gy


Robust insus­tri­al design

Dam­per actua­tor Linea­ris TE Ex 1
Linea­ris TE Ex 1
Forcemax. 5000 N (hig­her forces upon request)
Tra­vel time0.5 mm…4 mm/s (load inde­pen­dant at AC)
Tra­vel150/300 mm stro­ke (other strokes upon request)
Power sup­plyMul­ti vol­ta­ge power sup­ply (85–265 V AC) or low vol­ta­ge power sup­ply (AC/DC)
Ambi­ent tem­pe­ra­tu­re–15 °C…+60 °C
Pro­tec­tion classIP 65
Duty cycle 100%
LABS free accord­ing to Daim­ler test stan­dard appro­ved by Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te.