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    Classic actuator technology


Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator

The flexible allrounder, completely metal encapsuled with a wide accessory range and classic technology up to 500 Nm

The Nano+ offers classic drive technology in a modern design. The classic drive system, consisting of a motor-gearbox combination and a switch-off system consisting of switching cams and microswitches, is still valid today. For this reason, the Nano+ series was completely redesigned on the basis of the Nano in 2014, since classical drive technology is not necessarily equivalent to “old technology”. All conceivable options have been taken into account in the new design and have been designed in such a way that they are always firmly in place and offer optimum operational safety thanks to an optimal covering of all voltage-carrying parts.

A height-adjustable and powder-coated aluminum hood in combination with the powder-coated basic housing also ensure a worry-free use even in the harshest industrial environment. In addition, fixable cams ensure a safe switch-off in the set position even in the case of strong vibrations. The height-adjustable metal hood allows a multitude of additional options ranging from multiturn applications to fast response times with high torque and fail-safe function for the DC variant.

Test institutes confirmed the suitability for the electronic circuit according to DIN EN 12067-2 and/or in potentially explosive areas of Zone 2 or 22. The allrounder Nano+ is available in voltages of 230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC or 24 V DC and offers an almost unrestricted application in all industrial applications.




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Single component or complete unit.

  • Drive

    Synchronous motor technology (AC) or direct current motor (DC)

    • The permanent magnets built into the synchronous motor ensure a high holding torque even in a de-energized condition (AC)

    • The motor speed depends solely on the voltage frequency. Therefore a constant and load-free actuating time is ensured.

  • Cutoff

    Classic shut-off system via switching cams and micro switches

    • No voltage supply necessary for position indication and shut-off. Nano actuators are 100% connection compatible to ARIS actuators sold before 2014; perfectly suitable as exchange actuators.

    • Tool-free adjustable aluminum switching cams allow a fast and exact actuator setup.

    • Additional fixation possible with TufLok threaded pins in the cam.
  • Mechanical data

    Robust aluminum housing

    • Robust aluminum body allows usage in rough industrial environment; high operational safety.

    • Fiber-glass reinforced cover protects reliably all functional parts and serves as optimal isolation of the electric components; high operational safety.

    • Captive cover screws allow a safe and easy attachment and screwing of the cover; short initial setup times.

    • Variety of standard retaining bores, incl. ISO 5211, allow an easy adaption of nearly all valves without expensive mounting brackets.

    • The compact design allows usage even in constricted spaces.

    • Short delivery times of special adaptions by a special changeable shaft system.

  • Potentiometer


    • Optional potentiometers allow continuous feedback of the current drive position.
    • The potentiometer automatically adjusts itself to the travel range by means of a slip clutch integrated into the potentiometer.
    • Various variants allow optimum utilization of the entire potentiometer range:
      Nano S 90 ° / 180 ° / 320 °, Nano M 20 … 40 Nm 90 ° / 160 °, Nano M 40 … 60 Nm 90 °, Nano L 90 ° / 180 ° / 320 °.

Impact-resistant cover


Die-cast alu housing


Diverse fastening bores


Customized shaft

Specifications part-turn actuator Nano+
MotorSynchronous motor, short circuit-proof
or DC brush motor
Protection classIP 65 (optional IP 66)
Ambient temperature–15 °C…+60 °C
optional -40 °C…+80 °C (mit PMR: 0 °C…+60 °C)
HousingDie-cast alu (EN AC-44200) powder-coated
Gear extension anodized aluminum
CoverAluminum EN AW-6060 T6, poweder-coated
Down shaft1.4021
Position indicationoptional
Power supply230 V AC (optional 115 V AC/24 V AC)
At DC: 24 V DC ±20%
Additional switches2 or 4 pcs (optional)
Travel10°…330° (optional multi-turn)
Duty cycle 100%
Connection3 cable entries M16x1.5
Travel cutoffSwitching cams/Micro switches
MaintenanceLifetime lubrication (maintenance-free)
Control3-point-step / Position controller PMR (optional)
At DC: 2-wire-technology

500Nm Nano+ XL

Typ AC Typ DC
Torque [Nm] Actuating time [s/90°] Torque [Nm] Actuating time [s/90°]
nano+ XL 250-20 250 20 (17) nano+ XL 200-40 200 40
nano+ XL 250-30 250 30 (25) nano+ XL 200-60 200 60
nano+ XL 250-140 250 140 (117) nano+ XL 200-75 200 75
nano+ XL 300-30 300 30 (25) nano+ XL 350-50 350 50
nano+ XL 300-40 300 40 (34) nano+ XL 350-60 350 60
nano+ XL 300-75 300 75 (63) nano+ XL 350-75 350 75
nano+ XL 400-60 400 60 (50) nano+ XL 450-50 450 50
nano+ XL 400-90 400 90 (75) nano+ XL 500-60 500 60
nano+ XL 400-140 400 140 (117) nano+ XL 500-75 500 75
nano+ XL 500-35 500 35 (30)
nano+ XL 500-60 500 60 (50)
nano+ XL 500-90 500 90 (75)
nano+ XL 500-150 500 150 (125)
Values in ( ) = 60Hz Other values upon request