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    Clas­sic actua­tor tech­no­lo­gy

    ARIS Schwenkantrieb Nano+


Elec­tro-mecha­ni­cal part-turn actua­tor

The fle­xi­ble all­roun­der, com­ple­te­ly metal encap­su­led with a wide acces­so­ry ran­ge and clas­sic tech­no­lo­gy up to 500 Nm

The Nano+ offers clas­sic dri­ve tech­no­lo­gy in a modern design. The clas­sic dri­ve sys­tem, con­sis­ting of a motor-gear­box com­bi­na­ti­on and a switch-off sys­tem con­sis­ting of swit­ching cams and microswit­ches, is still valid today. For this rea­son, the Nano+ series was com­ple­te­ly rede­si­gned on the basis of the Nano in 2014, sin­ce clas­si­cal dri­ve tech­no­lo­gy is not necessa­ri­ly equi­va­lent to “old tech­no­lo­gy”. All con­ceiva­ble opti­ons have been taken into account in the new design and have been desi­gned in such a way that they are always firm­ly in place and offer opti­mum ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty thanks to an opti­mal covering of all vol­ta­ge-car­ry­ing parts.

A height-adjus­ta­ble and pow­der-coated alu­mi­num hood in com­bi­na­ti­on with the pow­der-coated basic housing also ensu­re a worry-free use even in the har­shest indus­tri­al envi­ron­ment. In addi­ti­on, fix­able cams ensu­re a safe switch-off in the set posi­ti­on even in the case of strong vibra­ti­ons. The height-adjus­ta­ble metal hood allows a mul­ti­tu­de of addi­tio­nal opti­ons ran­ging from mul­ti­turn app­li­ca­ti­ons to fast respon­se times with high tor­que and fail-safe func­tion for the DC vari­ant.

Test insti­tu­tes con­fir­med the sui­ta­bi­li­ty for the elec­tro­nic cir­cuit accord­ing to DIN EN 12067–2 and/or in poten­ti­al­ly explo­si­ve are­as of Zone 2 or 22. The all­roun­der Nano+ is avail­ab­le in vol­ta­ges of 230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC or 24 V DC and offers an almost unrestric­ted app­li­ca­ti­on in all indus­tri­al app­li­ca­ti­ons.




Actua­ting time



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Messingventil RV
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ARIS Regelventil
ARIS Regelventil
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Sin­gle com­po­nent or com­ple­te unit.

  • Dri­ve

    Syn­chro­nous motor tech­no­lo­gy (AC) or direct cur­rent motor (DC)

    • The per­ma­nent magnets built into the syn­chro­nous motor ensu­re a high hol­ding tor­que even in a de-ener­gi­zed con­di­ti­on (AC)

    • The motor speed depends sole­ly on the vol­ta­ge fre­quen­cy. The­re­fo­re a con­stant and load-free actua­ting time is ensu­red.

  • Cutoff

    Clas­sic shut-off sys­tem via swit­ching cams and micro swit­ches

    • No vol­ta­ge sup­ply necessa­ry for posi­ti­on indi­ca­ti­on and shut-off. Nano actua­tors are 100% con­nec­tion com­pa­ti­ble to ARIS actua­tors sold befo­re 2014; per­fec­t­ly sui­ta­ble as exchan­ge actua­tors.

    • Tool-free adjus­ta­ble alu­mi­num swit­ching cams allow a fast and exact actua­tor set­up.

    • Addi­tio­nal fixa­ti­on pos­si­ble with Tuf­Lok thre­aded pins in the cam.
  • Mecha­ni­cal data

    Robust alu­mi­num housing

    • Robust alu­mi­num body allows usa­ge in rough indus­tri­al envi­ron­ment; high ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty.

    • Fiber-glass rein­forced cover pro­tec­ts reli­ab­ly all func­tio­n­al parts and ser­ves as opti­mal iso­la­ti­on of the elec­tric com­pon­ents; high ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty.

    • Cap­ti­ve cover screws allow a safe and easy attach­ment and screwing of the cover; short initi­al set­up times.

    • Varie­ty of stan­dard retai­ning bores, incl. ISO 5211, allow an easy adap­ti­on of near­ly all val­ves wit­hout expen­si­ve moun­ting bra­ckets.

    • The com­pact design allows usa­ge even in con­s­tric­ted spaces.

    • Short deli­very times of spe­cial adap­ti­ons by a spe­cial chan­ge­ab­le shaft sys­tem.

  • Poten­tio­me­ter


    • Optio­nal poten­tio­me­ters allow con­ti­nuous feed­back of the cur­rent dri­ve posi­ti­on.
    • The poten­tio­me­ter auto­ma­ti­cal­ly adjusts its­elf to the tra­vel ran­ge by means of a slip clutch inte­gra­ted into the poten­tio­me­ter.
    • Various vari­ants allow opti­mum uti­li­za­ti­on of the ent­i­re poten­tio­me­ter ran­ge:
      Nano S 90 ° / 180 ° / 320 °, Nano M 20 … 40 Nm 90 ° / 160 °, Nano M 40 … 60 Nm 90 °, Nano L 90 ° / 180 ° / 320 °.
Tensor Nano+ Elektromechanischer Schwenkantrieb Elektrische Dreh- und Schwenkantriebe

Impact-resistant cover


Die-cast alu housing


Diver­se fas­ten­ing bores


Cus­to­mi­zed shaft

Spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons part-turn actua­tor Nano+
MotorSyn­chro­nous motor, short cir­cuit-pro­of
or DC brush motor
Pro­tec­tion classIP 65 (optio­nal IP 66)
Ambi­ent tem­pe­ra­tu­re–15 °C…+60 °C
optio­nal -40 °C…+80 °C (mit PMR: 0 °C…+60 °C)
HousingDie-cast alu (EN AC-44200) pow­der-coated
Gear exten­si­on ano­di­zed alu­mi­num
CoverAlu­mi­num EN AW-6060 T6, poweder-coated
Down shaft1.4021
Posi­ti­on indi­ca­ti­onoptio­nal
Power sup­ply230 V AC (optio­nal 115 V AC/24 V AC)
At DC: 24 V DC ±20%
Addi­tio­nal swit­ches2 or 4 pcs (optio­nal)
Tra­vel10°…330° (optio­nal mul­ti-turn)
Duty cycle 100%
Con­nec­tion3 cable ent­ries M16x1.5
Tra­vel cutoffSwit­ching cams/Micro swit­ches
Main­ten­an­ceLife­time lub­ri­ca­ti­on (main­ten­an­ce-free)
Con­trol3-point-step / Posi­ti­on con­trol­ler PMR (optio­nal)
At DC: 2-wire-tech­no­lo­gy

500Nm Nano+ XL

Typ AC Typ DC
Tor­que [Nm] Actua­ting time [s/90°] Tor­que [Nm] Actua­ting time [s/90°]
nano+ XL 250–20 250 20 (17) nano+ XL 200–40 200 40
nano+ XL 250–30 250 30 (25) nano+ XL 200–60 200 60
nano+ XL 250–140 250 140 (117) nano+ XL 200–75 200 75
nano+ XL 300–30 300 30 (25) nano+ XL 350–50 350 50
nano+ XL 300–40 300 40 (34) nano+ XL 350–60 350 60
nano+ XL 300–75 300 75 (63) nano+ XL 350–75 350 75
nano+ XL 400–60 400 60 (50) nano+ XL 450–50 450 50
nano+ XL 400–90 400 90 (75) nano+ XL 500–60 500 60
nano+ XL 400–140 400 140 (117) nano+ XL 500–75 500 75
nano+ XL 500–35 500 35 (30)
nano+ XL 500–60 500 60 (50)
nano+ XL 500–90 500 90 (75)
nano+ XL 500–150 500 150 (125)
Values in ( ) = 60Hz Other values upon request