VEN­TA­RIS — The pre­cisi­on lift unit for val­ve adjust­ment

Our ful­ly elec­tro­ni­cal­ly con­trol­led high pre­cisi­on actua­tor “Ten­sor” and the clas­sic, yet up-to-date rota­ry dri­ve “Nano+” have alrea­dy pro­ven
in the mar­ket and both enjoy a strong demand.
Sin­ce 2015 both actua­tors are in use as dri­ve heads for our line­ar moti­on dri­ve “LINEA­RIS“. In com­bi­na­ti­on with this main­ten­an­ce-free and pre­ci­se line­ar unit they offer the same advan­ta­ges as in their regu­lar use as rota­ry and part-turn dri­ves.
Why not trans­fer the­se reli­able and custo­mer appre­cia­ted advan­ta­ges to a spe­cial design val­ve unit? The ans­wer is our new­ly deve­lo­ped “Ven­ta­ris”, a main­ten­an­ce-free and pre­ci­se val­ve unit with the bene­fit of free­ly chan­ge­ab­le dri­ve heads (ARIS Ten­sor and Nano+).
Learn more about our pro­duc­ts and expe­ri­ence the brand new “Ven­ta­ris” live at our booth at the DIAM 2017 in Bochum.