ARIS-Stellantrieb-Tensor Elektrische Drehantriebe Elektrische Schwenkantriebe Linearantriebe als Klappenversteller für Ex-Zone 1

Line­ar dri­ves as line­ar cylin­ders are com­po­sed of an elec­tric dri­ve head and a line­ar unit. The line­ar unit is desi­gned in such a way that you can also accom­mo­da­te dri­ve heads in the fla­me­pro­of housing. For the Linea­ris units, a hazard assess­ment is avail­ab­le which con­firms the safe use in explo­si­ve are­as. The CL-H (clas­sic actua­tor) is appro­ved for use in poten­ti­al­ly explo­si­ve atmo­s­phe­res of zone 1 in com­bi­na­ti­on with the pres­su­re-resistant encap­su­la­ted dri­ve heads.


Line­ar cylin­der

  • Robust
  • Fle­xi­ble
  • Well-pro­ven
Linearzylinder Ex-Zonen Linearantriebe als Linearzylinder für Ex-Zone 1

N Force


mm/s Tra­vel time