TR Conformity confirmed for ARIS actuators

Introducing the „Technical Regulations“ (TR), the Customs Union has set up common safety requirements, similar to European guidelines. Step by step, the necessary GOST-R certificates are replaced by the new TR Declarations of Conformity, which are based upon them. The old GOST-R certificated expire at last on March 3, 2015. From this date on, the conformity rating is proceeded only according to the new requirements and affected products are marked with the market access sign “EAC”.

ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH is in possession of the new declaration. This certifies, that ARIS complies with the necessary requirements of the regulation of the Customs Union and is valid until March 9, 2020.

This means, that ARIS will continue to deliver 230 V actuators of type CL, CL-H, Nano, Tensor, Flexor and Linearis into the Customs Union. The Customs Union covers the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the area of the Russian Federation (Russia). Every actuator which is send to the Customs Union is supplied with an additional “EAC” label next to the regular name plate. Additionally, for all orders a copy of the declaration is enclosed with the shipping documents.