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ARIS inte­gra­tes a fail-safe modu­le with direct cur­rent dri­ves of the Nano + series

Sin­ce the posi­tio­ning of an actua­tor to a safe­ty posi­ti­on in com­plex sys­tems beco­mes increa­singly important in the event of a power fail­u­re, ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH offers a fail-safe ver­si­on for clas­sic actua­tors of the Nano-DC series. In order to ensu­re rapid rege­ne­ra­ti­on after the safe­ty func­tion has been activa­ted, a bat­te­ry solu­ti­on has been […]

TÜV Süd Indus­tri­al Ser­vice cer­ti­fies ARIS actua­tors for elec­tro­nic fuel-air-com­po­und ope­ra­ti­on

Sin­ce April 2016 ARIS Stell­an­trie­be is offe­ring for their Nano series a form-clo­­sed moun­ted poten­tio­me­ter for a one-chan­­nel poten­tio­me­ter feed­back used in regu­la­ti­on units for fuel, air and exhaust streams in com­bi­na­ti­on with fuel-air-com­­po­und sys­tems accord­ing to DIN EN 12067–2. ARIS Stell­an­trie­be uses a well estab­lished poten­tio­me­ter made by Novo­tech­nik. The design ensu­res a simp­le, […]

ARIS erwei­tert kom­pak­te Bau­rei­hen um neue Bau­grö­ße „L“

Sowohl für den voll­elek­tro­ni­schen Stell­an­trieb Ten­sor als auch für den klas­si­schen Antrieb Nano führt die ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH eine drit­te Bau­grö­ße „L“ ein, wel­che den Dreh­mo­ment­be­reich bis 120 Nm erwei­tert. Bemer­kens­wert ist hier­bei, dass sich die Grund­flä­che des Stell­an­trie­bes hier­durch nicht ver­än­dert und den ARIS Kun­den ein leis­tungs­star­ker Antrieb auf einer Grund­flä­che zur Ver­fü­gung steht, […]

ARIS baut den voll­elek­tro­ni­schen Stell­an­trieb Ten­sor um die Sicher­heits­funk­ti­on „Feder­rück­lauf“ aus

Bereits bei der Grund­kon­zep­ti­on des voll­elek­tro­nisch gere­gel­ten Stell­an­triebs Ten­sor wur­de die Opti­on eines Feder­rück­laufs bei Span­nungs­ab­fall berück­sich­tigt. Zur Mes­se DIAM 2016 in Mün­chen zeigt die ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH nun die ab dann ver­füg­ba­re Seri­en­lö­sung, bei der gesi­cher­te Feder­pa­ke­te unten in das Antriebs­ge­häu­se ein­ge­setzt wer­den.

Exten­ded ambi­ent tem­pe­ra­tu­re ran­ge for ARIS actua­tors of Ex zone 1

Sin­ce ARIS intro­du­ced its fla­­me-pro­­of enclo­sure for the actua­tors up to 40 Nm in ear­ly 2014, the ATEX series has been con­stant­ly expan­ded. Today, ARIS offers fla­­me-pro­­of actua­tors for use in explo­si­ve atmo­s­phe­res of zone 1 up to 60 Nm. Besi­des the clas­sic models, the ful­ly elec­tro­ni­cal type “Ten­sor” is

LINEA­RIS goes ATEX – New ARIS Line­ar Moti­on Dri­ve gets “Ex” Design

ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH has pre­sen­ted its new dam­per actua­tor LINEA­RIS during the tra­de shows DIAM and Val­ve World in 2014. This latest in-house deve­lop­ment was well accep­ted and ARIS recei­ved several sug­ges­ti­ons to offer the­se line­ar moti­on dri­ves in a design which is sui­ta­ble for use in explo­si­ve atmo­s­phe­res of zone 1.

TR Con­for­mi­ty con­fir­med for ARIS actua­tors

Intro­du­cing the „Tech­ni­cal Regu­la­ti­ons“ (TR), the Customs Uni­on has set up com­mon safe­ty requi­re­ments, simi­lar to European gui­de­li­nes. Step by step, the necessa­ry GOST‑R cer­ti­fi­ca­tes are repla­ced by the new TR Decla­ra­ti­ons of Con­for­mi­ty, which are based upon them. The old GOST‑R cer­ti­fi­ca­ted

Pro­tec­tion class IP65 as stan­dard

Up to now, the new desi­gned elec­tri­cal actua­tors of type Nano were built with pro­tec­tion class IP54, while a hig­her pro­tec­tion with IP65 was optio­nal. Through our per­ma­nent deve­lop­ment of all ARIS pro­duc­ts and the impro­ved manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess we now pro­vi­de all new actua­tors of type Nano, Flexor, Ten­sor and Linea­ris with a pro­tec­tion class […]