ARIS inte­gra­tes a fail-safe modu­le with direct cur­rent dri­ves of the Nano + series

Sin­ce the posi­tio­ning of an actua­tor to a safe­ty posi­ti­on in com­plex sys­tems beco­mes increa­singly important in the event of a power fail­u­re, ARIS Stell­an­trie­be GmbH offers a fail-safe ver­si­on for clas­sic actua­tors of the Nano-DC series. In order to ensu­re rapid rege­ne­ra­ti­on after the safe­ty func­tion has been activa­ted, a bat­te­ry solu­ti­on has been exclu­ded from the out­set. Read more

New ope­ra­ting soft­ware for the ful­ly elec­tro­nic ARIS rota­ry dri­ve Ten­sor

The Ten­sor dri­ve series offers a varie­ty of set­ting opti­ons and eva­lu­able data alrea­dy in the basic ver­si­on, due to its inter­nal elec­tro­nic con­trol and moni­to­ring sys­tem. The set­ting takes place via the stan­dard on-board ope­ra­ti­on. Read more