Now also represented in Russia

ARIS Stell­an­trie­be — now also rep­re­sen­ted in Rus­sia

ARIS is expan­ding its com­pe­tence cen­tres whe­re­ver they are nee­ded. With our expe­ri­ence and our high-qua­li­ty pro­duc­ts such as the Ten­sor actua­tor, we will also be able to bet­ter ser­ve the Rus­si­an mar­ket in the future. With a new part­ner in Rus­sia, our sales force now pro­vi­des expert local ser­vice and advice from A‑Z. We are buil­ding brid­ges with a pas­si­on that dri­ves suc­cess.

Tensor Fully electronic rotary drive

Ten­sor — The next genera­ti­on of rota­ry dri­ves!

Do you know of an actua­tor that offers a high level of pre­cisi­on, pro­vi­des maxi­mum fle­xi­bi­li­ty, meets all ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty requi­re­ments and is both eco­no­mi­c­al and dura­ble?

If you do, then it’s bound to be Ten­sor!

Curious? Then sim­ply click on the fol­lo­wing link to view the Ten­sor data sheet with detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on. We would also be delight­ed to give you an in-depth intro­duc­tion to the next genera­ti­on of dri­ve tech­no­lo­gy during a per­so­nal mee­ting in your com­pa­ny or on our stand at the “Val­ve World 2016”. We look for­ward to see­ing you!

No wis­hes remain unful­fil­led!


No wishes remain unfulfilled!


Ten­sor is avail­ab­le in three dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons with count­less modi­fi­ca­ti­on opti­ons.



Tensor Fully electronic rotary drive