ARIS nano growing “big”

In the past 5 years, the company ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH from Troisdorf completely modernized its program of electric actuators. Compared to the full-electronic Tensor precision actuator series, the nano range follows the conventional actuator concept with synchro-motor and camshaft, based on up-to-date technology and modern presentation.

The nano range, until now built with a maximum torque of up to 180 Nm has been expanded, presenting the new XL series with 500 Nm at the “Valve World 2018”.
All optional components and electronic boards of the nano series are as well available and appropriate for use with the nano XL range.

The particular highlight of the nano XL range is again the direct connection of trip cam and drive shaft, so that control cams and potentiometer are working free from backlash. This way, precision and accuracy is considerably increased. Now, settings and handling is identical for all models from size S up to size XL.