ARIS Stellantriebe collaborates with KINETROL

International sales organisation for ARIS electric actuators expands.


ARIS Stellantriebe collaborates with KINETROL



Two specialists are combining their expertise – ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH has expanded its worldwide sales organisation and has, since May, had an experienced partner at its side in the form of the English actuator expert KINETROL.


With its headquarters in England, KINETROL has sales offices in 10 different countries and a comprehensive global network. As a manufacturer, KINETROL specialises in pneumatic actuator technology and has several production sites in Farnham, England, but does not produce its own electric actuators. This is where the Troisdorf-based manufacturer ARIS Stellantriebe comes in, having made a name for itself with its innovative, high-quality electric actuators.


The collaboration combines the advantages of both specialist companies: KINETROL is responsible for sales of the electric ARIS actuators in the Netherlands, the USA, the UAE, Malaysia and England and is able to offer its international customers a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art actuator technology – an optimal enhancement of the product range. ARIS Stellantriebe is expanding its global sales team through this collaboration.


Two industrial companies with deep roots in actuator technology


Both companies have extensive expertise and a history in the development and production of actuators. The Troisdorf-based actuator specialist ARIS has been operating successfully in the industrial valve market for 50 years now. KINETROL, which was originally founded in 1958 as an engineering consultancy for control technology, can also look back on a long company history and has built up a global sales network and numerous branch offices over the past decades.


ARIS ExTensor and Tensor 2


Just recently, ARIS launched a new product on the valve market, the ExTensor. A state-of-the-art electric actuator that is approved and certified for the potentially explosive Ex zones 1 and 21. At the beginning of July 2023, the first actuators will be delivered to all customers who have already pre-ordered the ExTensor. ARIS is continuously expanding its portfolio with new actuators from its own development and production facilities. The portfolio ranges from the fully electronic Tensor 2 precision actuator with numerous optional features (such as the CAN bus, etc.) to traditional actuators with high-quality components and a state-of-the art design.


The collaboration with KINETROL is a further step towards ARIS strengthening the presence of its innovative product range in the international valve market. The ARIS sales team is looking forward to the collaboration in the years to come.

PICO – The Bridge between HCV- and Industrial Actuators

Aris Stellantriebe delivers with the “PICO” an actuator of extraordinary flexibility. Based on a Heating, Climate control and Ventilation technology actuator, the “PICO” offers many characteristics, which are required in industrial applications.

The company from Troisdorf (North Rhine-Westphalia) specializes in electric and pneumatic actuators. All Aris product series are subject to an ongoing evolutionary process, from which in part develop further enhancements and as well completely new series. Enhancements are often in details, making however altogether a tremendous difference. With the ambition to develop long-lasting, practical solutions, the actuator series PICO has been created offering consumers pricewise attractive devices without any loss in quality in comparison with industrial high-end actuators. The PICO production line is particularly interesting for OEM customers, as its modular design enables customized equipment. The PICO production line layout is for high volume series, thus making the economic benefit particularly significant.

By default, the PICO has protection class IP65 and assures, based on its ultrasonic-welded casing, minimal vulnerability against dirt and contamination. Its compact design facilitates its installation, even in tightly dimensioned plant layouts. For example, optional switches and potentiometers are inside in the protective casing as generally used in industrial applications, and not attached as additional body with separate cable connection. Settings and adjustments are made conveniently from outside. The possibility of an integrated spring reset is available as well. The actuator is ready for direct mounting on a great number of throttle valves, ball valves, and mixing valves. In contrast to other pricewise comparable products, Aris provides an own accessory program with an appropriate selection of components according to the requirements of the industry. From spacer mounting kits and positive locking reducers to clamping adapters, and modular enhancements offer customers multiple alternatives.

Performance as required

The company Aris Stellantriebe complemented sensibly its portfolio providing with actuators of up to 500Nm and the recent addition of the PICO product family appropriate solutions in both, the upper and lower performance range. After market launch, matching PICO variants for ball valve and throttle valve applications are available ex stock; later customized variants for OEM-customers are possible.

ARIS nano growing “big”

In the past 5 years, the company ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH from Troisdorf completely modernized its program of electric actuators. Compared to the full-electronic Tensor precision actuator series, the nano range follows the conventional actuator concept with synchro-motor and camshaft, based on up-to-date technology and modern presentation.

The nano range, until now built with a maximum torque of up to 180 Nm has been expanded, presenting the new XL series with 500 Nm at the “Valve World 2018”.
All optional components and electronic boards of the nano series are as well available and appropriate for use with the nano XL range.

The particular highlight of the nano XL range is again the direct connection of trip cam and drive shaft, so that control cams and potentiometer are working free from backlash. This way, precision and accuracy is considerably increased. Now, settings and handling is identical for all models from size S up to size XL.

“Tensor” now available without permanent power supply

For the fully electronically controlled “Tensor” actuator from ARIS, now is available a “Replacement Module”. This variant makes possible operations without continuous supply voltage.

Since its market launch in 2015, Tensor‘s production output increased at a very rapid pace. More and more customers of ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH are convinced of the easy setting mode via keyboard and display, its non-wearing precise regulation, and the built-in precision gear. Combined with a flexibly adjustable regulating range and the multi-voltage power pack, many ARIS customers were able to reduce considerably the variety of actuator types in use and their logistics costs.

In contrast to an installation in a new plant, replacement of conventional actuators involved a certain effort and cost due to the Tensor’s need of continuous voltage supply. Answering frequent customer requests, ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH decided to develop the “Replacement Module”, generating the required supply voltage from the “clockwise” respectively “anti-clockwise” control pulse. In combination with a special power pack, specifically designed for the Tensor, with extremely short run-up times, the Tensor with “Replacement Module” directly plugged onto the motherboard like other optional modules, is now fit for service without continuous supply voltage. Now, conventional actuators are ready for use in 3-point step-by-step mode.

Available on short notice: Tensor with a digital display!

We can look back on 2017 as a successful year, which entered the final phase with DIAM 2017. Like the two previous years, 2017 was a year of innovation initiatives at ARIS, which resulted in numerous future- and customer-oriented products.

Both the many interesting conversations at DIAM, for which we wish to thank you, and the constantly growing sales figures confirm that the new ARIS products meet the requirements and preferences of the market. True to the motto “If you don’t go forwards, you go backwards” we will continue with our innovation initiative next year so that we will be able to show you new and future sustainable products again in 2018. Without giving away too much, the focus will be on user friendliness, performance classes and areas of application.

Thank you for your interest and the confidence you have shown us in 2017, because it is only through your use of our products that we can develop new product features that meet your future preferences and requirements.


VENTARIS – The precision lift unit for valve adjustment

Our fully electronically controlled high precision actuator “Tensor” and the classic, yet up-to-date rotary drive “Nano+” have already proven
in the market and both enjoy a strong demand.
Since 2015 both actuators are in use as drive heads for our linear motion drive “LINEARIS“. In combination with this maintenance-free and precise linear unit they offer the same advantages as in their regular use as rotary and part-turn drives.
Why not transfer these reliable and customer appreciated advantages to a special design valve unit? The answer is our newly developed “Ventaris”, a maintenance-free and precise valve unit with the benefit of freely changeable drive heads (ARIS Tensor and Nano+).
Learn more about our products and experience the brand new “Ventaris” live at our booth at the DIAM 2017 in Bochum.

Now also represented in Russia

ARIS Stellantriebe – now also represented in Russia

ARIS is expanding its competence centres wherever they are needed. With our experience and our high-quality products such as the Tensor actuator, we will also be able to better serve the Russian market in the future. With a new partner in Russia, our sales force now provides expert local service and advice from A-Z. We are building bridges with a passion that drives success.

Tensor Fully electronic rotary drive

Tensor – The next generation of rotary drives!

Do you know of an actuator that offers a high level of precision, provides maximum flexibility, meets all operational safety requirements and is both economical and durable?

If you do, then it’s bound to be Tensor!

Curious? Then simply click on the following link to view the Tensor data sheet with detailed information. We would also be delighted to give you an in-depth introduction to the next generation of drive technology during a personal meeting in your company or on our stand at the “Valve World 2016”. We look forward to seeing you!

No wishes remain unfulfilled!


No wishes remain unfulfilled!


Tensor is available in three different versions with countless modification options.



Tensor Fully electronic rotary drive

ARIS integrates a fail-safe module with direct current drives of the Nano + series

Since the positioning of an actuator to a safety position in complex systems becomes increasingly important in the event of a power failure, ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH offers a fail-safe version for classic actuators of the Nano-DC series. In order to ensure rapid regeneration after the safety function has been activated, a battery solution has been excluded from the outset. Read more

New operating software for the fully electronic ARIS rotary drive Tensor

The Tensor drive series offers a variety of setting options and evaluable data already in the basic version, due to its internal electronic control and monitoring system. The setting takes place via the standard on-board operation. Read more