ARIS integrates a fail-safe module with direct current drives of the Nano + series

Since the positioning of an actuator to a safety position in complex systems becomes increasingly important in the event of a power failure, ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH offers a fail-safe version for classic actuators of the Nano-DC series. In order to ensure rapid regeneration after the safety function has been activated, a battery solution has been excluded from the outset.

The ARIS developer team opted for compact energy storage units, which are fully charged again after a complete discharge by repeated, successive triggering after a maximum of two minutes. Thus the necessary 100% safety is ensured. Customer surveys on the requirements very quickly led to the realization that an external solution is not an effective one. For this reason, the energy storage devices with the associated electronics are integrated into the drive housing.

The ARIS customer can decide whether his actuator moves at the normal or maximum speed in the end position by means of different connection possibilities. Via the possible integration of additional position switches into the circuit, even intermediate positions can be defined as a fail-safe position. This means that the ARIS actuators offer a very flexible and reliable system.