VENTARIS – The precision lift unit for valve adjustment

Our fully electronically controlled high precision actuator “Tensor” and the classic, yet up-to-date rotary drive “Nano+” have already proven
in the market and both enjoy a strong demand.
Since 2015 both actuators are in use as drive heads for our linear motion drive “LINEARIS“. In combination with this maintenance-free and precise linear unit they offer the same advantages as in their regular use as rotary and part-turn drives.
Why not transfer these reliable and customer appreciated advantages to a special design valve unit? The answer is our newly developed “Ventaris”, a maintenance-free and precise valve unit with the benefit of freely changeable drive heads (ARIS Tensor and Nano+).
Learn more about our products and experience the brand new “Ventaris” live at our booth at the DIAM 2017 in Bochum.