“Tensor” now available without permanent power supply

For the fully electronically controlled “Tensor” actuator from ARIS, now is available a “Replacement Module”. This variant makes possible operations without continuous supply voltage.

Since its market launch in 2015, Tensor‘s production output increased at a very rapid pace. More and more customers of ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH are convinced of the easy setting mode via keyboard and display, its non-wearing precise regulation, and the built-in precision gear. Combined with a flexibly adjustable regulating range and the multi-voltage power pack, many ARIS customers were able to reduce considerably the variety of actuator types in use and their logistics costs.

In contrast to an installation in a new plant, replacement of conventional actuators involved a certain effort and cost due to the Tensor’s need of continuous voltage supply. Answering frequent customer requests, ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH decided to develop the “Replacement Module”, generating the required supply voltage from the “clockwise” respectively “anti-clockwise” control pulse. In combination with a special power pack, specifically designed for the Tensor, with extremely short run-up times, the Tensor with “Replacement Module” directly plugged onto the motherboard like other optional modules, is now fit for service without continuous supply voltage. Now, conventional actuators are ready for use in 3-point step-by-step mode.