Tensor Nano+ Dreh- und Schwenkantriebe für Ex-Zone 2 und 22

IBExU certifies ARIS actuators for use in hazardous areas of zones 2 and 22

Because of the possibility of occurrence of explosive gases or dust hazard, more and more plant areas are declared to Zone 2 (gas) or 22 (dusts). Shall electric actuators be used in these areas, those very often must be build flameproof , which are actually designed for use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and by their very nature are very complex and expensive. In order to provide a contemporary solution to this, ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH introduces, in addition to the already established products for Zone 1 according to ATEX / IECEx, new actuators to the market that are approved for use in hazardous areas of zones 2 and 22. The standard version of these drives is characterized by a high robustness, therefore they had to be modified only for use in the respective zones. There was no need for a costly flameproof type, so for all ARIS customers there is an inexpensive but reliable and certified solution for these applications available from summer 2016. The suitability for use in hazardous areas of zones 2 and 22 was reviewed and certified in cooperation with the notified body IBExU.